Just want to start by saying thank you to all my customers and wish you all a great 2014 !


So, what does this year hold for Chubbyspud photography? Firstly it looks like its going to be the busiest year yet with more wedding booking than ever, and its only just started! As you my know, 2013 was a year of change for me, with the re-branding of my wedding photography website, new logos and a new design. Switching over to the new website did cause me a few headaches, but in the end, I think it was all worth it. I nearly changed the name from Chubbyspud photography to John Watson Photography, but after a trail of this, and a lot of emails saying “we love chubbyspud, don’t do it”, well, the name stays.

So lets talk about my 2014 weddings, I have met some great people and am looking forward to photographing some great weddings, and some great venues, including the Forest Lodge, Norton park, Chilworth manor to name a few, and of cause, the place that seems to be coming my most visited venue, Marwell Hotel. (Maybe I should get a free room from them by now).



2014 is hopefully the year that I get my LSWPP qualification and I’m really hoping that that my photos move to the next level, with some amazing shots to add to my portfolio and photos that my bride and grooms will love for years to follow.


Anyway, enough said. Have a great year and I hope to speak to you soon.

John Watson .